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Ease The Burden Of Probate and Estate Execution With Legal Counsel

The time for probate and execution of a loved one’s estate wishes is never easy. Not only are these matters amid grief for the loss, but conflict can arise and stacked responsibilities can make for a burdensome process.

Wherever you are in the probate or estate administration process, an experienced lawyer can help make for an easier transition during a tough time. The attorneys at Kauffman & Billimoria, PLLC have over 30 years of combined experience serving clients in Indiana and across Pennsylvania. We know what it takes to see that the execution of your loved one’s estate is done right.

Informed By Experience, Ready For Whatever Comes Next

There are many things that could cause a delay in the probate process, including administrative blunders and conflicting interests among heirs. If you are not prepared with legal counsel, you could be set up for a long-term conflict. We will help you properly follow your loved one’s wishes and, if need be, represent you in litigation in the event of a challenged will.

What’s more, executors of an estate bear a lot of legal responsibility. Documents need processing and require time and careful attention. Informed by an extensive background in probate and estate law, our compassionate attorneys can ease those burdens.

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