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Protect Your Family And Future With A Will

We cannot overstate the importance of a will. Pennsylvania has inheritance laws that determine who will receive your estate if you pass away without a plan. A will, however, lets you make your own decisions in a legally-binding document that the court must follow.

Your will can include a number of wishes such as:

  • Who receives a portion of your assets
  • Who receives particular belongings of yours
  • What assets are donated to charity if desired
  • Who will care for your children if you pass unexpectedly
  • Who will manage the distribution of your estate

Without a will, the loved ones you intended to be your heirs may not receive anything at all. You can also choose to disinherit those who would otherwise receive part of your estate.


You can technically create a will without an attorney, but it might not account for everything. A lot of factors are important to end-of-life decisions. Getting legal advice is always a good decision when it comes to such important documents.

Estate planning attorneys help people draft wills on a regular basis. They will help you think about aspects of an estate plan you may not have considered. They will also assist with paperwork to ensure your will is considered valid.

With decades of experience in the field, Kauffman & Billimoria, PLLC can offer excellent advice on how to draft your will. We will also take care of the paperwork involved in the process. We want you to help you fully protect your family’s future through a legally-sound estate plan.


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