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Establish Your Rights As A Parent – We Can Help

Developing the right child custody and visitation plans can help protect the future of your family. If you do not present an adequate parenting agreement to the court, the court will settle the matter for you. While they will try to keep the best interests of your child in mind, they do not know your child like you do.

Kauffman & Billimoria, PLLC offers legal representation and mediation services in family law matters throughout Western and Central Pennsylvania. Our attorneys have years of experience and a proven track record in divorce and child custody disputes. We can help remove your legal burdens as you plan for a better future.


Our experience extends to representation of mothers, father, and also grandparents and other family members. Pennsylvania is a gender-neutral state which means there is no automatic preference given to the mother. Instead, the Court’s sole concern is the best interests of the child.

We will work with you to secure the rights you believe will benefit your child. Our goal is always to do that by agreement. We want to help make a stressful situation go as smoothly as possible. However, if a trial is necessary, we will zealously fight for your rights.


Our lawyers offer an efficient, family-centered approach to child custody and visitation. Learn more about how we can help you through these changes. Call us at 724-357-9990 or send us an email to set up a consultation.